Berith's facial neuralgia became controllable

On 18 November, 1985, e.g. twenty years ago, something happened that was to change my life very much. The dentist surgically removed the wisdom tooth of the left lower jaw. The facial Trigeminal nerve was injured in its third branch and that resulted in facial neuralgia which is very painful and is triggered mainly by exposure to cold weather. The result was that in addition to having constant daily pain, I could not go outdoors at all unless it was more than about 18°C and without rain or wind. If I would expose myself to cold I would get even worse attacks of unbearable pain with some elements of migraine (apparently it involves the same nerve) which would eventually last for 3 to 5 days.

Various medicine and blockers were tried on me but without great success. At last only one thing remained: An electrode, connected to a power source was surgically implanted on my brain covering, over the main stem (ganglion gasseri) of the nerve, thus "diverting" some of the pain so long as I do not expose myself to cold etc. I went through surgery in 1987 at the Karolinska Hospital with good results and that still functions well. Later on I developed trouble on the right side as well, more seldom at first but later more frequently. That is supposed to be impossible but they found that this was true in my case. On the right side it was not possible to get a similar pain reduction and in order for me to stand the irritation of the right side's nerve and the pain I was given a medicine which was developed for epilepsy but which had proved effective against facial neuralgia. It blocked some pain but it had severe side effects such as feeling of sickness, dizziness and general fatigue. I had on several occasions tried to cut down on the medication, but already after a day or so it would hurt so much that I would have to increase it again.

Berith Lidberg

I also suffer from migraine which is hereditary and, in my case, hormonally conditioned. I would have about two attacks a month and they would last about three days each. The severe pain and the drug treatment made me rather passive and that in turn also brought on digestive trouble.

I listened to Mr Su Dongyue at his lecture at Nästegårdsskolan in Kvänum in 2004. Then I felt that this is definitely something for me and that I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I started to practise Zhineng Qigong in the Autumn of 2004 after a Weekend Course and after that there was a little group of us getting together once a week, but I did not get started with regular daily training until after the 2005 Summer Course. A lot happened. This course is the best thing that happened to me in a very long time! Already by the first day I cut down my pills by one out of three. I felt energetic and strong. After a week I felt good enough to cut down by one more pill. That was a big step since it would take me at least six weeks to fine-tune the medication again if I would have to, and severe side effects such as feeling of sickness and dizziness. And I would not be able to drive a car for several months. I had some reactions and was in some pain for a few days but I felt confident and that I was not alone with these things, so I quit even the last pill, and it worked! Suddenly I felt that the pain in my right side disappeared, just left me. That was just amazing! The digestive problems I had for several years also disappeared during the course.

I practise Zhineng Qigong daily on my own and now we will resume the weekly training group after the Summer break. It has been over two months now since the course finished and I have had only one attack of severe neuralgia / migraine and that was not until after two months. In all these years I have never managed that for such a long period! The pain in my right side is almost completely gone. The left side (the original injury) is as usual, maybe a little better.

I have lost five kilos despite the fact that I have been eating the same way as usual. This is probably because my stomach trouble has vanished without a trace. It is true that I still have great problems, with constant pain, but I feel much more energetic. With great willpower and a lot of Zhineng Qigong I will make great progress, I can feel it!

I can really recommend people to try Zhineng Qigong. It worked marvellously on me. Why not get started yourself? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Warmest regards,

Berith Lidberg

(49 years old) Kvänum

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