Maria got rid of her eczema and allergy

I would like to tell you briefly about my experiences of training with European Zhineng Qigong Center.

Maria Sandell Before I started to practise about five years ago I had rather great problems with eczema and allergy, something which has been with me my whole life and did not disappear in my teens. It was at its worst in Spring and Summer due to my pollen allergy causing my nose, eyes and neck to run and itch. The hands and the folds of the arms and legs, already dry and sore, developed little spots which burst and formed painful sores. Periodically the allergy would make me very tired and lazy. I slept a lot and it was difficult for me to concentrate at school and I did not always have the energy to care for my social life.

When I had started to practise Qigong my problems slowly but steadily grew less. I could start eating carrots, apples, fish and, eventually, almonds and walnuts without feeling poorly. Instead of being troubled by newly mowed lawns I was able to simply state the fact that there was a smell of freshly cut grass. In the Spring when the birch and all the flowers bloom I can still find myself surprised at all those "new" and lovely scents which before had just seemed strong and difficult. Now I really enjoy them! I am also very happy for the fact that my hands feel soft and their skin does not chap when I use them. But the best thing of all is that I can be among animals without any problem!

The improvements have not always been clear but they have rather come about gradually. I have practised regularly, almost every day since my first basic course. I like the idea that you can control your own situation by training the problems away and practising to develop yourself, and that you will, even though you may not realize it until a little later. But there are also instances where the effects of the training is clear, such as one time when I was going to visit my sister who lived in Arvika during that Summer, and the allergy made my life difficult. I got a little angry with the allergy for ruining so much for me, so I walked out and stood among the big trees and all the pollen, and I practised. While I did that the physical stress and the fatigue disappeared. In stead it felt very restful and refreshing.

Qigong has also helped me in other ways, for instance on a survival course. When I would be very sad or under very much pressure there are these little exercises you can do to keep your composure and they have helped me get through such times. The training has given me more stamina and energy during hard times. When I practise I stop worrying about things (things which do not improve by my worrying about them anyway) and I often find new solutions to problems. Qigong supports you and enables you to develop in every situation in life, if you want to. I think it is fun that everybody can practise together, young and old and irrespective of their level of knowledge. I see many applications of Qigong's philosophy in other situations, and that feels rewarding.

Starting to practise Qigong is one of the smartest things I have ever done. Thank you, Mum, for dragging me with you to all possible and impossible kinds of treatment over the years, because it finally proved to be worth the trouble! To all of you who look for help with some problem my advice is that you first try practising Qigong! I recommend that you practise with European Zhineng Qigong Center.

Maria Sandell

Age 27