Mikaels back problems

Mikael has suffered from back problems during 12 years I have been practicing Zhineng Qigong for three years now. During this time I have had both wonderful experiences as well as hard periods. The practice influences, develops and challenges the whole person, both in mind and body.

I feel clearly how I in many areas have moved my positions toward a better health. But it seems as damn certain as a law of nature, that every step forward includes one or more back slips, before certain processes can "sail on".

I have choosen to tell about how one of my problems has almost vanished. I'm pleased to say I am 95% recovered. In periods for about 12 years (I'm 31 years old now) I have been suffering from lumbago, due to stiffness and "lockings" in the lower part of my back. Tree or four every year so severe I could do nothing but lay down or crawl. Any attempt to move around created weird looking walks, accompanied by loud painfilled sounds. I consumed pain killers like snacks and was a frequent customer with chiropractors and naprapaths. At best they helped me overcome the worst part. The periods in between the lumbago attacks where occationally symptom free, but more often a continuous, though low intensity pain remained. This all affected me a great deal mentally. I became miserable and mad at the never ending pain. This didn't make things easier.

I remember the summer of 2002 as one long pain tolerance quest. My back had a stubborn "lock". And my chiropractor at the time was giving up hope, talking about putting me on the rack. I went to a summer course for 18 days, convinced everything would heal, but no. When I came home again my chiropractor managed to release the "lock". He also said that maybe my back was getting better and that could be the reason for this "lock" being so relentless. A paradox in it self, which I very much wanted to believe. Now it has been almost two years since that time and I havent had one total "lock", just a few minor reminders.

I now pay my chiropractor a visit every third or fourth month to recieve minor adjustments, since I work as a painter. He says he considers my back healed and that that in it self is quite incredible, considering both my occupation as well as my earlier problems. I feel much calmer now, knowing that I myself have trained my back back to a much healthier point. And that I and every one else actually has a lot of influence over the personal healing process.

Mikael Westh