Qigong helps Lena do better massage

Lena's state of health is improved and she does better massage than before Several years ago I trained to be a masseuse and I like working with massage. Some years ago I suffered from the burn-out syndrome, something which affected my state of health and, of course, also my role as a therapist. I improved my health by practising Zhineng Qigong and then I wished to try the course in Acupoint TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin. Since before that, I have had several patients whom I give massage, and after the course I have continued to massage them. When I practise Wei Tuo Jin I find that I do better massage and that massaging does not cause me so much strain. On those when I massage more patients than usual, I just practise Wei Tuo Jin a little more and then I am able to cope with that too, without any problem. Wei Tuo Jin has really helped me manage my massage work better.

Lena Lööv