Eva's facial rosacea disappeared

In the Summer of 2003 I arrived at my first Zhineng Qigong Summer Course, Level 1. I brought with me a severe case of facial rosacea – a stress-related eczema all over my face and partly down the front of my neck. This eczema caused me a never-ending itch and I had gone through a number of penicillin cures, as well as applying cortisone ointments. I had started to practise Qigong one and a half years before that, and now I wanted to find out whether more intense training in a strong Qi field could help me. I had given up on the doctors because during that "itching" Spring I had become more and more convinced of the body's own healing ability. During those nine days with their blend of Hold Qi Up, Qi regulation, arm training and teaching by Mr Su, I managed to train away the eczema through my own will and the Qi field. I often had moments of discussion with myself, like "Well, itch if you like, but I'm practising, and I intend to continue with that"! My thinking and my will power defeated the itching! I brought home with me the strength to do this kind of thing, a mental strength which helped me get through 2003 and 2004, times when a death and a divorce were hard blows in my life.

In the Summer of 2004 when I arrived at the course I brought these two life crises with me, and also an ear eczema which first appeared two years ago and which I had not got rid of since then.

During this Summer Course I had my mind set on getting rid of the "ear itch"! And, actually, I managed to do that too, thanks to the Qi field, my own will power but also Mr Su's lectures about You being in charge of your body and your well-being!

Find your joy of life! You do that by practising in the Qi field, and in the life you live, with its happy reunions, in the right to be yourself, cry, laugh and feel good! That has become my choice and my goal: to feel good, practise Qigong and live!

Eva Blomquist