Svanhild's way to a better life

Luckily, I never had any serious disease or injury. I am 53 years old and I have had a good life in many ways. But over the years my system has become a little rusty.

Svanhild made many improvements as well as new friends I joined a Weekend Course in "Hold Qi Up" in September last year and I started to practise regularly in October. After that I have joined another three Weekend Courses and now I am on a nine-day Summer Course for the first time. In addition to good friends and an atmosphere of acceptance I have got the following results:

My blood circulation is drastically improved. Before I would be cold all the time. For more than 30 years, every evening, Summer and Winter alike, I have used an electrically heated quilt in bed. I was always cold. Last Christmas I threw away the heated quilt and after that I have been able to peel off several layers of clothing.

After my first pregnancy in 1973 my hair became very greasy. After that I had to wash my hair practically every day. Zhineng Qigong helped me get rid of that problem too. Nowadays I wash it every fourth or fifth day.

During the last 15 years or so I have had this abscess in my face. It has led its own existence and from time to time it has swelled up and there has been some blood coming out of it. Now it has not been bleeding since February and it is gradually getting smaller.

For two years I have been on a waiting list for surgery due to my squint. After having practised Zhineng Qigong daily for 7 or 8 months my vision has improved so much the doctors did not want to operate!

I also have this minor trouble with my back which puts the lumbar area under too much strain. This causes me some pain. My chiropractor has worked a lot on my back for several years and has achieved the improvements that can be expected. Now I merely get support from quarterly treatments and check-ups. The last time I saw my chiropractor for a treatment she exclaimed: "What have you done to your back, Svanhild? You are putting me out of work". I am really much better.

For many years one of my upper arms and shoulder has tormented me with frequent inflammation in the tendons and calcium deposits, which were treated with penicillin cures and cortisone injections. My shoulder caused me rather a lot of pain and sometimes the arm was rather stiff. After the practising Qigong I have not needed a single treatment. At the beginning my execution of Hold Qi Up was very painful, but the shoulder has improved step by step. And guess who managed to follow even the longest training sessions on this Summer Course without any pain in the shoulder? That was a marvellous experience.

Zhineng Qigong is harmonizing my entire body and I was very lucky to come across this training method.

Svanhild Notøy