Egil gained greater vigour, strength and happiness

Thank you for a fine Summer Course which has provided me with the inspiration for further training.

Egil gains greater life force and happiness through his Qigong training Through the Qigong practise I have gained greater life force and happiness. I have learned positive thinking in a new way and when I concentrate on doing the Qigong exercises in a correct and relaxed way I achieve well-being of a kind that fills me with power and joy. The Qigong training is also a way for me to relax. The practise is a fine way of getting relief from the pressure of everyday life and it enables me to handle challenges in a better way.

On the 2004 Summer Course I also had good help in curing some trouble with the muscles and joints of my neck, back and shoulders. So, in conclusion, I strongly recommend everyone to practise Zhineng Qigong.

Egil Vaage