Hanne manages her work despite MS

I have suffered from MS (multiple sclerosis) for 14 years! The type of MS that I suffer from is called relapsing-remitting and I have suffered from a number of different kinds of relapses: Several times I have suffered from split-vision, having no feeling at all in my right arm (this lasted a couple of months), I had to drag my right foot after me when I was walking. A generally poor balance automatically follows the disease.

One of the most difficult parts of the disease is the low level of energy. Having suffered from MS during many years makes me an expert in using small portions of energy during the day so that it lasts long enough to take care of my family, friends and work.

Hanne managed her work until she got new tasks I managed to work full time, despite my MS, for 11 years since I had administrative tasks and thusly could protect myself from stress. From time to time ones employers - in my case the Unemployment Office in Norway - wants to reorganize and then you may have to do other tasks. I was put in the workcenter and got a lot of contacts with different kinds of customers: Laid off persons, ordinary unemployed persons, young persons with no plans for their education, even drug addicts. Working with these persons gave me a lot but it took all my energy and a little more.

The thing that saved me was Zhineng Qigong. The training has increased my energy level, improved my balance and made me more supple. It has also given me more peace of mind wich enables me to calm down my customers and thereby give them a better service. With the Qigong training I can continue to work for many years!

Another improvement: When I arrived at Kvänum to join the summercourse level 2 2004 my right leg was partially paralyzed, but not anymore. When it was raining during the course I ran between the buildings - something that I haven't been able to do for 14 years!

Hanne Slåke