Eva's pains after radiotheraphy disappeared

Eva was treated for breast-cancer 1994 I was treated for breast-cancer. After the treatment - wich included surgery, cytostatica and radiotheraphy - I suffered from an intense pain in my breastbone. After several examinations including x-ray, I was referred to the pain-clinic in Karolinska Sjukhuset. They confirmed an injury, caused by the radiotheraphy, not possible to cure. The only help I could get was strong medicines, just to be able to sleep and to stand the pain. Since 1996 I’ve been on these medcations and I would have to keep on using them for the rest of my life.

In 1995 I suffered from a heavy pain in my back. My oncologist thought of metastases but luckily that was not the case. In 1997 I had a back surgery, a fusion of the lumbar vertebrae. The chances for getting better were good but I didn’t. I used to be very active in my life, with exercising, dancing, biking, etc. but I couldn’t do this any longer. I couldn’t even make my own bed. I couldn’t sit down or stand up for longer times.

After a year of rehabilitation, I was retired in advance. It was hard. I had a job that I really liked and my work-mates were a part of my life. It took me a year to get over the sorrow. But this was not enough!

In 1999 I discovered a big knot in the hollow of the knee. Once again I was constantly in pain and I had to get in contact my orthopedist again. I had got a "Baker’s cyst"! The hollow of the knee was considered to sensitive for surgery. I got physiotherapy and I was forbidden to walk, to bike or to swim. The treatment consisted of injections with cortisone. In August 2003, my physiotherapist found the treatment useless.

In September I was offered by The Breast Cancer Association Amazona to join a project with Zhineng Qigong. After the first lecture with Su Dongyue, I thought it was worth trying.

Many things has happened since I started to practise Qigong: A month and a half ago, I could stop using the medicines for the injury caused by the radiotherapy. I don’t have pain anymore. My pain in the back is better. My Baker’s cyst is still there, but I haven’ t had to go to the hospital or to use cortisone.

Qigong has given me a better life and increased my life-quality. And all these positive things happened in about six months.

Eva Ernert