Sofie got energy

It works even if you do not believe in it...

It's the second time I join a course and it's because of Ika I'm here. The first time I had a lot of pain in my feet. I had worked very much – I work terribly hard in the summer. Then I rest during the winter. But after coming here I got very sick on the first day. When we were doing Pulling Qi I was feeling awful, and I had half a mind to say something to that guy who gave the password.

But this time I haven't felt any of that: My feet don't hurt, I'm calm, harmonious and I got very vigorous – that I did last time as well. I suppose I didn't believe in this thing at the start, but I must confess that it works very fine. And it has been really good for my shoulders, because that's where everything accumulates. So I think it's very good and I guess I will try to continue practising.

After summer I usually come to a dead stop. During the summer I keep a staff of thirty employees and I run two restaurants and one fast food stand. All through September – October I usually lie in bed like dead meat and I use to catch loads of illnesses, colds and such things. I am usually very healthy, but at that time: pain all over my body, and no stamina to do anything.

That didn't happen this year, because directly when I got home after summer, I joined the Weekend Course. So I got energy right away, I didn't slip into that "pit" and pulled the blanket over my head like I used to. I must confess that I believe in it, even though it goes against my beliefs!

Sofie Jacobsson

age 33