Ulla came back after cerebral haemorrage

I started to practise Zhineng Qigong in April 1997. I rather soon felt the benefit of training because my severe case of hand eczema was healed. Toward the end of January, 2003 I was on a bicycle ride and I happened to fall over. I can not remember what happened but my relatives have told me that the ambulance came quickly and that I was X-rayed and put through surgery immediately. I had got a severe cerebral haemorrhage and I lay unconscious for six weeks.

When I had woken up I was moved to the Mölndal Hospital for intensive care and then to Högsbo for rehabilitation. I had to learn everything again; to talk, to walk with a support, and to eat. On 12 May I left the hospital with a support. I felt that I wanted to start practising Zhineng Qigong again and in the middle of May I participated in a Weekend Course, seated on a chair. It felt fine and, after consulting Su Dongyue, I decided to join the Level 1 Summer Course because I needed all the training I could get. Having got there, I felt the strength returning to my body. After four days I was able to put away my support and after that I have not needed it. I decided to stay on the 2:nd Level.

When I had come home the doctors tested me. I had hoped that I could join a group with more training and rehabilitation but when they saw the progress I had made they did not think it would have anything further to offer me.

I have recovered quickly but I still have difficulty concentrating, I am unfocused and tired. I often think about the accident – the fact that I did not wear a helmet although I have often thought about getting one – and the fact that I survived in spite of it all and that I am on my way back to life.

Ulla Tengström