Cina's shoulder slipped back in place

I am a girl who likes to exercise and keep physically active, in terms of fitness as well as strength and agility. In 2001 I started to practise Zhineng Qigong.

I have had problems with my shoulder which has been dislocated on several occasions. The first time it happened was in 1988 when I started to practise martial arts and at that time my shoulder was dislocated during a throw to the carpet. I went directly to the hospital where they put it back in place after a lot of tearing and pulling. My arm felt very tender and I had to wear a sling. It took me a month or so before I dared to trust my arm to be secured. I regained the flexibility of my arm through practise but it took me a little while.

I gradually started to do dancing and aerobics which worked fine. During the Winter about a year later I was skiing and I fell in the hill with the result that my shoulder was dislocated again. After that incident it slipped out of place more and more frequently. I trained the muscles around the shoulder so that it would "stay in place". I still wanted to do things that were fun and some little shoulder issue was not going to deter me. The last two times it has “slipped” there have been two doctors trying to pull it right and when that did not work they had to sedate me. Now I am on a waiting list for surgery.

Cina talks about her shoulder In 2003 I joined my first Summer Course and I noticed a great difference in my shoulder after the course. The flexibility of it was as good as that of my other shoulder and it felt completely normal again.

In the Autumn of 2003 in the middle of the training on a Weekend Course it happened. My shoulder was dislocated once again. "Not again" I thought. That was the seventh time it happened. I went forward to Mr Su and he asked me to try and pull it right again myself. I was very hesitant and I thought it would never work, but I had a go at it and it slipped back in place. What joy and happiness!

Surgery is no longer an alternative for me. No I have found a tool that can improve my health physically as well as mentally.

Cina Östergren