Ellen found her way back

When I was twenty I started to get problems with my back and neck. My ongoing life which I had always taken for granted, was no longer functioning. I saw a naprapath, a chiropractor and doctors in order to get help. They found a case of inflammation between the vertebrae and I was diagnosed as overstrained and suffering from hyperflexibility. Even though I spent a lot of time and money on different treatments I did not recover but instead I eventually had to take a lot of strong medication against pain and inflammation.

After three years the problems were still there and I had just started a five-year education programme in ceramics. Gradually I started to fear that I might not be able to cope with the physically demanding job in the workshop. Living with constant pain and tension in my body started to affect my personality too. Instead of my usual outgoing and energetic personality I became tired and depressed. Suddenly it seemed hard to find any joy of creativity or commitment and instead I felt oppressed and inadequate. I felt a need to renew my energy not only in my body but in my whole person.

Zhineng Qigong practise makes Ellen feel well A fellow student recommended me to try European Zhineng Qigong and she told me about the fine results of hers and other participants. The idea of a training art which trains the whole person appealed to me and I had nothing to lose. My first Weekend Course was hard but it gave fantastic results. During the training classes the pain could be intense but afterwards my body felt soft and comfortable. I continued to practise at home and I joined more courses. The pain in my back and neck was reduced all the time and it did not return in spite of arduous working hours with that heavy clay. In the Summer of 2000 I joined my first Summer Course and it was a marvellous experience. I think I grew taller by one centimetre or so, both figuratively and literally speaking!

Friends and relatives around me noticed my improvement and my new-found enthusiasm and they became curious about the method. And eventually we arranged a course outside of Kalmar where I grew up and were my family lives. A teacher came from Stockholm and held a Weekend Course and since then there have been several courses in Kalmar. Nowadays we have this wonderful little group who practise together on a weekly basis.

For the last year now I have been working as a potter and I have no problem coping with it. Starting the day with training gives me greater calm and I find it easier to get my creativity to run smoothly. Of course I can feel stress sometimes and my body may protest after a long day at work, but nowadays I have an effective tool to use and it leads back to a healthier state. When I practise European Zhineng Qigong I feel part of something bigger. The training gives me a feeling of being more alive and more present, it inspires me in my everyday life, in my profession and in my relations with people.

Ellen Ehk

August 2003