From darkness to light

Through my little sister I came across Zhineng Qigong and Mr Dongyue Su, who is a practitioner and teacher of this, if I may say so, excellent art form.

All the time from my 20´s until today, at the age of 56, I have suffered from migraine which grew worse the older I got. I have tried everything there was to get help, doctors and many alternative methods. I have spent many months salary on the latest miracle cures and treatments with every conceivable kind of therapy. Nothing has worked. The doctors can merely give me painkillers, and the more I used this medicine, the more I needed to take to get any effect. Unfortunately those kinds of medicine have severe side effects but when the fits came I could not resist taking them.

At their worst, these fits could last for up to three days, so to work was out of the question. On such occasions the only thing I could do was to take my medicine and lay down in a dark and quiet room. I must say that my employers and my friends have been patient with me. And then came the miracle of Zhineng Qigong!

My sister had tried Zhineng Qigong with Dongyue Su and she heard that many people in China had got rid of migraine and other problems. She talked to me and she wanted me to try it too. Maybe this was what I had been waiting for, she thought. I did not think so! For many years I had tried so many various therapies and miracle cures that I was not prepared to throw my money away and get disappointed once more. But my sister did not give up that easily. She talked to master Su and he gave her suggestions for how to talk to me. Eventually I did agree to try it. Not with the idea of getting well, but to prove that what was true about all the methods I had tried before was also true about Zhineng Qigong. Nothing and no one is able to cure my migraine.

After a short time though, I had to reconsider! After a few sessions, the fits occured less frequently and they were not as difficult as usual. Since I started practising Zhineng Qigong in February, 1996, I have not been on sick leave from work one single day on account of migraine. I am able to leave the door open to my office and talk with my colleagues. I do not have to sit in a bare, quiet room. I am able to make an appointment with my friends to go to the cinema when I want to. I can plan my everyday life. Nobody can understand how happy I am and how much this means to me!

My life has changed. Darkness has given way... Now there is light!

Ulla Grönlund

(The above article is in its entirety quoted and translated from the magazine MigränBladet 6/96.)