Håkan's personal victory

Håkan got unexpected results from Zhineng Qigong I joined Zhineng Qigong on account of my back problems. I had exposed my back to uneven strain, which hurt one of my discs and caused a constriction of my isciatic nerve. My lumbar region and my hip hurt, I got shooting pain down my left leg and foot and the muscles of my lumbar area became stiff and overstrained. I tried seeing a chiropractor and a naprapath but the benefit of their treatment lasted only a few days – then the stiffness and the problems returned.

I got the suggestion to try Zhineng Qigong and I found the idea of self training attractive. When I started practising Zhineng Qigong the improvements occurred. The training includes bending and turning one´s back so that it gets exercised and the muscles become relaxed. I practised regularly at home and I soon noticed that I got better – my back got more flexible and the pain gradually subsided. With time the stiffness and the shooting pain in my legs were less pronounced and finally they disappeared altogether. Nowadays I am able to do sports as usual without getting pain in my back and that feels very nice.

I started to practise Zhineng Qigong because of back problems but I also became calmer. I have always found it difficult to talk before people; when their attention was directed at me I would get all nervous – my heart would thump like mad, my face turn crimson red and my brain get blocked – I would get all paralysed, not knowing what to say but just wishing to get away from the situation. Step by step as I practised Zhineng Qigong I noticed that I reacted differently in situations which would previously have been difficult. I became calmer and my self confidence was gradually increasing, I found it easier to handle situations in which the attention was directed at me. In such situations I became very happy and I was inspired to continue to practise Zhineng Qigong.

Nowadays I feel much calmer and I do not get panic anxiety when I know that I am supposed to present my self and speak before groups of people. At the Summer Courses last Summer I took the opportunity to sing before a group of 100 people. I got a great kick out of it standing in front and having fun instead of getting into a panic; it is a personal victory of mine.

Håkan Svensson

30 years old