Shenxin Qigong (2019-03-09)

Two wonderful days of practising and learning shenxin qigong in Vasa. The participants was focused and interested in learning the exercise. Many felt relaxed and pleased after the course.


Comments from the participants:

Favourite Exercise

”I have been longing for the course. It’s my favourite exercise. Yesterday I felt an inner calm. Yesterday evening I had a lot of energy and I was harmonious. Thanks for a great course.”


“As always, the course was great. I feel alert, soft and relaxed.”

Pleasant Feeling

“I´m happy I could attend the course. I joined the hold qi up course last autumn. I want to continue to practise, I need this kind of training. It was a pleasant feeling to do the whole exercise. Hopefully I can practise at home, even do snake arm.”

“The course was interesting. I had a great feeling after we practised. I felt harmonious and pleased. Now it´s up to me to keep practising. It will probably be ok. It wasn´t hard to learn the exercises, probably because I have already learned hold qi up.”

“We had two great days. I like to attend courses. I feel a physical ease, my body is soft.”

Interesting Course

“I´m happy the course could take place in Vasa. It was an interesting and really good course. Yesterday I altered between freezing and being hot. It felt comfortable. I will continue to practise. Thanks for a great course.” 

Johannes Nordgaard