Hold Qi Up Nybro [2018-10-13]

Despite great weather an expectant group of people joined the weekend course in Nybro. The qi field was strong and it helped the participants to concentrate and to improve their health.

Comments from the participants:

Calm and Soft

“I have practise for about seven years. Just as expected, I feel calmer and softer.”


“I have only practised for two days. It seems to be an exciting training form. Movement and meditation at the same time. It´s great for my shoulders.”


“I have practised for three years. The dizziness that I often used to feel is now gone. It feels nice to practise.”

Mental Health

“I started to practise 2011. I feel much better now, especially the mental health has improved. It´s good to repeat the course. I feel a deeper relaxation right now, thanks for a great course.”

Warm Feeling

“The weekend courses is worth gold. Unfortunately, I could only participate one day. It´s not only the practice that´s great with the weekend courses, it´s also the warm feeling in the group.”


“Excellent treatment. I thought it would be impossible for me to stand here for two whole days, but it wasn´t."

Neurologic Disease

“I miss the group training very much and I have been longing for this course. I have neurologic disease, 50 % of my life has returned because of this training. Thanks for a great course.”

A New Direction

“I have practised for eleven years. I used to have severe pain. During my first summer course my life took a new direction. With qigong I got a tool to change my situation. I felt better and became stronger. It´s good against stress and worries.”

Johannes Nordgaard