Evelyne Could Lift and Carry her Son for the First Time in Three Years

My name is Evelyne, I am 41 years old and live in Oslo. I attended my first qigong course in October 2017. An old friend of our family recommended Zhineng Qigong since I had difficulties with my stomach (IBS, irritable bowel syndrome), pain in my lower back, inflammation in my arm, sinuses and throat and had general pain in my body due to lack of training and poor posture. On top of the physical ailments I struggled with anxiety, fear, irritation and grief. All this meant that I couldn’t function normally at home and I lost many friends since I had a hard time socializing with people.

440 persber sommar 2018 2Even at  the lecture before the first weekend course I felt that Zhineng Qigong was what I had been waiting for. This is what will help me. My mother also participated in the course. We achieved better communication with each other and had a conversation that we should have had 20 years before. It was incredibly beautiful and very good for both of us. Around one month later I attended a Weituo Jin course.

Because of my back I hadn’t been able to lift nor carry my son for almost three years. A little more that two months after I started with Zhineng Qigong I did both! I lifted and carried him! It was as if he had a whole new mother!

I have continued to practice every day. Now, during my first Summer Course, I have had many improvements. The base of my right thumb opened up, it has been locked into my hand before. I can see that the left one is following. I managed to eat the food I was given. It was food that my body hadn’t had for many years. I have better circulation in my legs and toes. Earlier I have had problems with my toes growing numb. Also a lot of my anxiety has disappeared.

Many good things have happened and I am looking forward to seeing where the road leads. My goal is to be able to function as normally as possible and not be stopped by the limitations that my body and I have created together. I want to be able to go to a restaurant whenever I want to, travel to anywhere I want to, when I want to and with whomever I want. I know it's possible as long as I practice every day.

Evelyne Almberg