Allergy Reactions, Food Intolerance and Pelvic Locking Disappeared During the Summer Course

I received information about Zhineng Qigong through an acquaintance, in Fall, 2006. As a mother of a 2 year old toddler, and having just started studying, my life was quite hectic. I needed training that gave me energy, however, I could not have too many regular training days tied up during the week. Therefore, a weekend course with Zhineng Qigong seemed perfect for me.

Pollen allergyEirill 670px

I have been allergic to pollen since I was 6 years old. Over time, this has developed - from allergy to birch pollen and mugwort during a few months in Spring - to become so extensive that it has affected my health almost all year.

In recent years I used antihistamines/medicine, eye drops and nasal spray almost all time. This made a great impact on my energy and health. I wanted this to change, so I consulted my physician. He referred me to the specialist health service for a vaccine program, which would start in fall/winter 2017. The purpose was to reduce my allergy.

Results from Summer Course 2017

I have participated in two earlier Summer Courses. I found that attending longer courses gave positive results. In order to improve my health, I decided to attend this year’s Summer Course again, i.e. Step 1, which is 9 training days.

Eirill persber 400

I have intolerance to gluten and lactose. Therefore I have a gluten and lactose free diet. During the Summer Course, I experienced that I could eat food without getting any reaction. I could also reduce allergy medication during the 9 days of the Summer Course. At the same time a locking in the pelvis - from pregnancy 14 years ago - was completely corrected.

Since the Summer Course I have not taken a single allergy tablet. I was able to cancel an appointment with a general practitioner for further follow-up because I had completely eliminated the allergy! I no longer needed vaccine or allergy medications.

When I started with Zhineng Qigong I noticed two things, which made me realize that this method was good for me. After the first weekend course I experienced both an immediate sense of inner peace, and the immediate supply of energy/surplus.

Inner peace and surplus

In my daily life I have gained more joy of life and a good mood. This is a "self-training art”, which, for my part, consists of daily training.

In my work, I feel more calm and have an improved ability to concentrate. I have also gained increased patience and love in my interpersonal relationships.

I warmly recommend Zhineng Qigong.

Eirill Stolan Rogstad