Surprising vision improvement – doesn’t have to wear glasses after 30 years

After a number of visits to the masseur, Stina, who was in the midst of a career, with young children and house purchase, realized that something else was required to overcome the soreness in her shoulders. The year was 1996 and Stina had a tip from a colleague about zhineng qigong. Little did she know that this training 20 years later would lead to her letting go of her glasses!

The pain in the shoulders disappeared

The pain in her shoulders disappeared quite quickly and after that she was hooked, this was really the kind of training that suited her. Through all the years Stina has been training qigong more or less regularly. In addition to training at home, she every now and then takes part in weekend courses and attends summer courses.

Stina Happy and spirited

Stina feels good thanks to qigong and sees it as the helper in her life. Actually, it is the mental part that gives her the greatest benefit, qigong makes her feel happy in everyday life. All other results and improvements, such as getting rid of pelvic girdle pain and osteoarthritis of the knee, she regards as a bonus. And now, the latest and completely unexpected bonus of improved eyesight.

Refractive defect was gone

”It can of course be very awkward wearing glasses and contact lenses but this had been my reality since I was 20 years old and therefore I didn’t think of it very often” says Stina with a smile.
It was last autumn, when she was out picking mushrooms, that she lost her glasses in the forest. She drove straight to the optician to get a new pair of glasses. The optician was just as surprised as she was that she had in fact been driving without glasses and without any problem. The examination showed that the refractive defect of - 2.8 was now completely gone. Stina realized that it is through qigong training that her eyesight has improved. The optician had never seen anything like it and was puzzled. ”I don’t understand it”, he said, ”but keep doing what you do”.

Stina Palmqvist