Agneta got rid of allergies and a vertebra has straightened out

Allergy against dog, cat and pollen has disappeared

Agneta: The neck vertebra is in line with the rest of the spineIn February 2002 I started to practise qigong. My employer offered a basic qigong course. We had one hour every week for twelve weeks. Already a few weeks into the course I discovered that I no longer walked on the insides of my feet but straight. I hardly practiced at home at that time. In order to practice more I enrolled with a colleague of mine in an open project in 2005 and then another in 2006.

In April 2006 I participated in a basic course of Shenxin qigong and the teacher recommended us to practise every day to see if it was helpful. I did that and discovered after a few weeks that I was no longer allergic to pollen! Neither was I allergic to cats and dogs.

My head is straight now

Ever since the beginning of the 1970’s I have had problems with my neck. Two of the vertebrae in my neck, I think it was 3C and 4, were in the wrong position. This was discovered when I went to the doctor for headaches. He said I was not allowed to put any weight on my shoulder, by for example wearing a shoulder bag, since this could lead to headache. I learned from experience that this was the case so I have always been careful to sit with my head straight so that the weight of my head did not put a burden on my neck vertebrae.

In Autumn 2015 I went to Pargas to the Autumn course. During the body regulation or relaxation, I felt like something was holding up my head and turned it a bit to the right. It was an awkward feeling. Afterwards I discovered that my head that before, I had carried slightly turned to the left, was now quite straight.

The neck vertebra is in line with the rest of the spine

When I was home again I noted after a couple of days that the “crack” in my vertebra was gone! A little further down the cervical vertebrae felt very unstable and sounded like a crusher when I turned my head. It felt like the vertebrae did not sit as they should. I think the sound always has been there but I really do not know. The bottom neck vertebrae have always been very prominent.

After the Winter course 2016 my neck vertebrae felt less unstable but the sound like a crusher was still there. When I came to the Summer course this year I was surprised that the arm training was so painful on my right side, much worse than during my first Summer course and the following ones.

After a couple of days, I heard a little sound during an arm training and wondered what it was. During Thursday Mr Su talked about healing and straightening out bones in the skeleton and something about the spine. I put my hand on the neck and to my surprise I felt that my cervical vertebrae felt completely straight and stable. The crusher sound was gone. It was too good to be true. On Friday morning I discovered that my lower neck vertebrae no longer stuck out.

Agneta Englund