All the pictures from Almuñécar


Goodbye Almuñécar


We will definitely come back.


Excursion to the Alhambra


Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is Spain's most visited tourist destination.



Our guide Mercedes grew up in the area and gave us a very appreciated guided tour in Swedish.


Here is a special mosaic, one of the many fantastic interiors of the palaces.




Walking in the palaces wonderful gardens is a rejuvenating experience.


We also made a short detour to Granada where you could visit the huge Renaissance cathedral.

A little of everything from Almuñécar


View from the castle in the old town.


Many places serve homemade ice cream.

20160423 152912

The promenade outside our hotel extends several kilometers.


If one does not want to swim in the ocean then there is an excellent pool at the hotel.


Greenery in the stairwell of the hotel.


On one of the hotel's sun terraces there are also a hot tub.


Chocolate fountain!

From the Market Hall to the beach

20160427 133758

On the way to the market hall.

20160427 132454

20160427 132734

20160427 133458

20160426 161532

Siesta is best spent on the beach.

Morning and evening in Almuñécar

20160424 072450

After the morning workout at sunrise tastes with breakfast.

20160426 075413

Here are parts of our fresh breakfast buffét.

20160424 210029

The sunsets are magical.

20160424 205827

20160425 222455

Almuñécar by night.

Can you have a more beautiful training hall than this?

20160425 103641

The view from the training hall on the top floor is fantastic.

20160425 104501

Here, we practice two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.

20160425 103718

Resting on the sun terrace.

20160425 095842

Everyone is not training. Some enjoy the beach instead.

Fine first morning training on the beach

Morning training before breakfast on the beach in front of the hotel.

20160424 073422

20160424 073336

20160424 073628

Our local guide Swedish Bosse took us on a tour of the city and had many interesting things to show and tell.

20160424 123923

20160424 114718

20160424 115844

20160424 134650

We ended the city walk with tapas at one of the cozy restaurants.

20160424 130204

Finally in Almuñécar

20160423 151531

Our hotel is located right on the Mediterranean beach.

20160423 125416

View from the hotel.

20160423 124521

One of all the nice terraces at the hotel.

20160423 152502

It's wonderful to walk on the beautiful beaches of Almuñécar.

20160423 153259

We look forward to the morning training on the beach.

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