Lorna - Why I come back to the summer course year after year

lornaI did a weekend course in March, 2007, and I was so impressed by the practice. I liked it so much, that on that weekend, I decided that I wanted to know more about it. To take it very seriously. And so I very quickly signed up. I knew one person, but I would have come anyway. Because everyone is incredibly friendly, welcoming and helpful.

I keep coming back because it benefits me hugely, it boosts my energy, it helps my health, and I love the experience. And I find mr Su's teachings inspiring.

Before I started practising Qi Gong, I had problems with my left knee. I think I’m rather prone to arthristic aches and pain, when I am the age I am, so I think it probably keeps me very supple, and keeps that kind of condition at bay. And that feels very good.

My sleep is good with Qi Gong. I had poor sleep before I started training. And that was actually an immediate effect of my first weekend course, that I began to sleep incredibly well.

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