Tove - Why I come back to the summer course year after year

I attended my first summer course in 2013 after being recommended it by my colleagues. I thought it must be something very special if she, my colleague, has joined it for 8 consecutive years. Before going I read a lot on the web site. I read about Magnus, Pär and Ellen and when I got to meet them in real life I was immediately convinced that EZQ was good for me.

ToveI felt supple and more flexible, I suffered less from neurological pains and it did me good. I like the unique combination of disciplined training in an encouraging ambiance. You strive for the correct position of your body, you do your very best. There is such a nice ambiance here, warmth and consideration and people care. I am convinced that practising Zhineng Qigong gives me a better health. Training improves life quality, not only physically but mentally as well.

Tove was afflicted by Borrelia Neuroborrelios (Lyme disease in the neural system) on October 31 2012. The following summer, 2013, she took her first summer course, as a complete novice, without having learned the method during a weekend course, which is normally done. Since the first summer course, Tove has been training regularly once a week in a group with others and returns to summer courses every year.

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