Tor Kristian - Why I come back to the summer course year after year

I had no disease when I started practicing Zhineng Qigong. There was nothing that I came to get rid of. I started practsing to enhance my ability to do everything. To gain control over the mind and test how much potential we humans really have. I was (and still is) interested in how the world worked, especially how it is out in the world and we work within ourselves, something I thought would fit with my studies in physics. I started by joining a weekend course and attended my first summer course the following year.

Tor KristianQuite early, about three months after I started practicing, I had a sudden opening in my legs while I trained. Before, I was really quite stiff, I could not bend further down than to his knees with my hands. When I got this fast change, I became motivated and continued to practise and joined the summer course.

I return to the summer courses because I get concrete experiences and results, it is moving forward. I feel stronger in the body. I feel more powerful. An early result after the summer course was that I needed to sleep two hours less each night. Six hours instead of eight.
In the beginning I thought it was mostly mental things you would work with, but I got quite early experience that it hangs together. The physical and the mental are two sides of the same thing, so you have to work with both.

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