Barbro - Why I come back to the summer course year after year

barbroIn 1997 I participated in a joint project with EZQ and Swedish Asthma and Allergy Associationand had such extraordinarily good results. My asthmatic condition became better, my night vision improved. After a traffic accident I have not had a whole night’s sleep due to pain, but that too changed with the training. I became more mobile and had better sense of balance. My low blood pressure was raised a little.

 When I learned about the summer course I wanted to go there, but thought I would never be able to because I could not get down on the mattress by myself and I would not be able to carry my suitcase or travel to the course on my own. However, help came from my acupuncturist who volunteered as my personal assistant. My own family supported me as well. So in 1998, I turned up for my first summer course and since then I have attended 18 days (2 nine days’ courses) every year. You could say that I have actually taken 35 courses.

Summer courses are like being on vacation and I have made many new friends. We are like a family, a qigong family. Among them you can be yourself. Sometimes you find yourself in a bubble, you don’t want to talk to anyone and people accept that, they are not offended. At other times you feel very friendly and outgoing and talk to everybody you meet, except for those who are in their own bubble for the moment.

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