A receipt to prevent influenzas

During the autumn and winter, different influenzas are often spread. There are many different ways to make the immune system stronger. A household remedy often used in China is to drink a clear soup made of three different roots. The drink is considered to be extra good to prevent influenzas.

Take 30 gram from the root of black radish, 10 gram from the white part of a leek and 5 gram coriander root. Put the roots in a sauce pan with two deciliter of water. As soon as it boils, take it away from the plate, drink the liquid and eat the vegetables. The receipt can be used twice a day.

black radish

By practicing Zhineng Qigong we can get more qi and make the immune system stronger. It's easier to stay healthy with more energy and a better mood. Many of our students have noticed that they don't catch colds as often as before. Under the headline "Results – personal stories" you find several stories about that.


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