To create a good habit

Think ahead

To create a good habit you of course have to know which habit you want to create. It is also important to ponder upon why you want to create this very habit. By thinking through this properly you will not have to ponder upon and reason with yourself about weather or not you should continue with your habit today as well.

What, where and when

When you got this far it is time to think through exactly what you want to do. Be very exact, even detailed. Make sure that you exactly what you actually will be doing every day. If you know exactly what you will be doing you can again ponder less; that is save time and energy. For the same reason it might even be good to know exactly where and when you want to do it.


Another good tip is to focus on one thing at the time. To create a new habit demands energy and discipline. To try to create several good habits at once means that your energy and concentration have to be split up on several things – it reduces the likelihood for you to succeed.

Habit or not?

When have you succeeded in creating you new habit? One way of thinking about it is to compare with another habit of yours. When your new habit has become as automatic as e.g. brushing your teeth you have succeeded.Brushing your teeth every day is a good habit

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