Balance is health

From a medical perspective health is all about achieving and maintaining an inner state of balance, a state called homeostasis. A balanced intake of nutrients can help us to achieve and maintain such an equilibrium.

Individual nutritional needs

However, getting there by using any particular diet can be difficult as we are individuals with individual needs. Not only do we as individuals have different nutritional needs, but a single person might also have different needs at different times.

Please note that big differences in nutritional needs might exist between persons that have the same gender, age, body-weight and length. It is therefore difficult to recommend food, herbs or nutritional supplements that are good for all to eat.

A good mix of foods will provide a lot of different nutrients that can help achieve a balanced state

Eating healthy foods

Even substances that are generally acknowledged to be healthy, such as water, vitamins and fibres, are only good for one's health if they are consumed in the right amount. If the dose is too high the effect on our health will be negative.

A simple way to get a balanced intake of nutrients is to eat many different kinds of food and above all to avoid too much focus on any specific kinds of food. A good mix of foods will provide a lot of different nutrients and might also be helpful by reducing the risk for getting too much of certain nutrients.

In Zhineng Qigong we try to get a balanced state directly through our exercises.


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