Slow down and get calm

Stress affects more groups

Stress is an increasing problem in today's society. Not only is the pace of life in general more intense, stress also affects groups that were not affected before. Young persons are no longer protected from stress. The fact that everybody all the time should do more and new things is an important reason why stress has increased in recent years.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress is negative for our health and well being. Pain in the head, neck and shoulders are common consequences of stress. Stress is also known to affect the immune system. Keeping good relations is more difficult when we get stressed, even though good relations can help us to avoid stress. In some cases the ultimate consequence is chronic tiredness; one gets a burnout.

Reduce stress

A very effective way to reduce stress is to learn to slow down. It is of course a good thing to be able to do things fast when that is required, but always being in a hurry is not good. It is in the nature of things that one gets stressed by always being impatient, wanting to do many things at the same time and never being able to do things fast enough.

One thing at the time

Trying to do one thing at the time and letting things take time is an excellent training to avoid stress and create a calm state of mind. Why not walk to the bus stop instead of waiting until the only available option is to run?

When practicing Zhineng Qigong one is relaxed and concentrates at one thing at the time

Relaxation and concentration

In Zhineng Qigong we practice relaxation and often concentrate on one thing at the time. We practice exercises in a rather slow speed so that we can get calm and increase our well being.


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