Eggs at Easter

An ancient tradition

In many countries there is a old tradition of eating eggs at Easter, but the habit to eat eggs during this period of the year is much older than that. The ancient Egyptians had similar traditions during the spring time. For them as well as other civilizations, eggs were a symbol of renewal and eternity. The connection between eggs and the period of the vernal equinox, when spring starts and nature comes to life, is therefore a very natural one.

Decorated eggs

Decorating eggs by painting on the shell is another tradition. In the Middle Ages it was forbidden to eat eggs in Europe during the forty days prior to eastern. As the eggs could not be used for anything else, farmers started to decorate them in bright colours. In our days this tradition has expanded and become more commercial. Now we also have paper eggs with small presents or sweets on the inside.

Put some real eggs in the Easter egg!

Eggs laid around easter are special

Despite the fact that the traditions have changed in the course of history, eastern still is the period of the year when we eat considerably more eggs than during other parts of the year. Except for the symbolic function of eggs, those old traditions are also rooted in the knowledge that eggs that are laid at Easter contain more energy and nutrition than eggs that are laid during other periods of the year. They can for instance be stored longer and still remain fresh.

So the best time of the year to eat eggs is around Easter. We recommend that you put some real eggs in your Easter egg!


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