What makes us really happy?

Psychologists have studied depression and despair for many years and have started to understand what really makes us happy.

To be happy with one's life is of course a good thing in itself. It has also been shown that there is a clear relation between the degree of happiness and physical health.

Almost all happy persons have good friends

Increased happiness

Some of the most important things that can contribute to an increased happiness are gratitude, optimism, positive thinking, curiosity and the ability to love and be loved. To engage in meaningful activities, to lose oneself in a hobby or something else, is also an important ingredient in achieving real happiness. Family and friends is another important factor. In the scientific results concerning happiness that exists today it is difficult to pinpoint one single aspect that makes us happy, but one thing is clear: Almost all happy persons have good friends.

Eliminate problems

Yet another important thing is to try to eliminate problems and / or negative feelings. It is a very bad thing for happiness to struggle with severe problems every day. To eliminate the problems or - if this is a better solution - change the way one thinks about the problems, can therefore make us happier.

Less consumption

Happy persons are not typical materialists. Consumption can even be negative for happiness. This may depend on the fact that an increased consumption leaves less time to spend on family and friends, sleep, training and other things that are good for body and mind.

To practice Qigong can help us eliminate health problems and also give us something interesting to study and do. In Zhineng Qigong we often practice thinking positively. A lot of our participants have found new like-minded friends in a course or at a practicing group.


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