Oranges - more than a nutritious snack

It is widely known that oranges contain a lot of vitamin C. Oranges also contain less well known phytonutrients (more than 170 different kinds) and flavonoids (more that 60 different kinds). These nutrients in combination with the vitamin C of the oranges generate a lot of health benefits.

Eating oranges can amongst other things lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body as well as prevent inflammations - e.g. in connection to colds and recurrent ear infections. Oranges can also inhibit blood clots and thereby reduce the risks for stroke and heart attacks. The oranges anti-inflammatory properties give positive effects on (amongst others) asthma, rheumatism, ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis. It can reduce the risk of cancer, especially stomach cancer. Oranges also contain antioxidants and can strengthen the immune system.

Oranges contains nutrients also in the peel and white pulp An important note is that many of the nutrients found in oranges are located in the peel or the white pulp - parts that are often removed completely when producing juice. The peel of oranges even contains oils with a pleasant scent. The oils from orange peel are often used in cleaning agents which shows that a lot of people experience the scent as pleasant.

When the first astronauts travelled into space they brought a lot of things with them to help them maintain their health. The astronauts got nutritious foods, games to prevent boredom, exercises and tasks to prevent stress as well as pictures, music and sounds from their home environments to prevent depressions. However, there was one thing they forgot: smell. Modern research shows that scents stimulate regions of the brain that control, amongst other things, the production of neurochemicals - that is needed for the central nervous system to work - and hormones. The astronauts got so big problems that they had to float around in their vessel sniffing citrus-scented hand-wipes.

A simple way to use the positive properties of orange peel is to leave it on the table for a while. The air will be refreshed and the room is filled with a pleasant smell.


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