Improve your circulation

Many aspects of health, from energy to eyesight, are affected by the supply nourishment to the cells. Impaired circulation can lead to conditions such as heart disease, stroke, varicose veins and poor resistance to infection. Poor circulation can also make us feel dizzy, unclear, uneasy, cold and tired.


One way to remedy poor circulation is to alter once diet. Generally less fat and avoiding coffee and alcohol are good advices. Some herbs such as ginger can also improve circulation.

Hydrotheraphy is one way to improve circulation


Physical exercise will make the circulation increase when the heart pumps the blood faster through the body.


Hot and cold showers or hydrotherapy is a good way of improving your circulation. When you get hot under a shower the blood rushes to the skin, when you immediately put on the cold water, the blood rushes to the internal organs. When this is repeated circulation is improved. It is recommended to not start with very hot or very cold water.


Another way to improve circulation is practicing Qigong. Scientific research has proved that Zhineng Qigong can improve circulation even at micro levels, so called microcirculation. If the microcirculation is good enough most diseases can be cured. To read more about research on Zhineng Qigong please click on Research & Projects in the menu above.


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