Reduce cell phone hazards

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation. Although studies that have been conducted in this area show very different results, there are indications that a number of health problems are related to the use of cell phones. Health risks that seem to be rather common are headache, fatigue, high blood pressure and sleeping problems. Other risks that are more uncertain, but also more serious, include cancer, tumors, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately scientists do not agree on how dangerous using cell phones are for us, but at least we can do is to follow the general recommendation that children should try to avoid using them.

Connecting the call at arms length Generally a good advice is to avoid excessive use of cell phones. It is also good to have a way to strengthen yourself so that you are better able to resist the radiation, and of course we recommend practicing Qigong. However, there is also a simple technique that you can use to reduce the radiation you are exposed to when you do use a cell phone. When connecting a call, when you answer a call or when the person you call answers your call, the radiation will be the strongest. Knowing this it is easy to reduce the radiation that you are exposed to by simply connecting calls at arms length.


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