Gentle healthy smiles

In Qigong we are often encouraged to have a gentle smile on our faces. Qigong teachers frequently point out that this facial expression is very good for us. They claim that it will help improve our health, give good information to others and get good information back from others.

Gentle smiles In developed societies, mental problems are an increasingly important reason for poor health. The amount of research on how our mental and emotional state affects our health has successively increased. Some research has also been conducted on emotional states that can improve and strengthen the health. When a person smiles, the brain produces hormones such as serotonin as well as a number of endorphins. This can improve our mood, emotion, sleep, energy level and appetite. It also has some other effects such as reducing stress, removing pains and strengthening the immune system.

To often have a gentle smile on our faces might actually give us more reasons to smile!

In our courses we sometimes talk more about gentle smiles.


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