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By practicing qigong you can improve your physical and mental health. However, the health-enhancing results are not the same for everyone, they show in many different ways. It depends on the individual's own physical and mental point of departure. The training results therefore differ from one person to another. The people practicing with us have all kinds of health issues, physical as well as mental. What is a perfectly normal physical or mental status for one person, can be the turning point to a better life for someone else. Magnus is one example. Magnus has multiple sclerosis, MS, and after this year's summer course training in Stockholm, he was able to write again.

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In the autumn of 2012, Magnus had a relapse that aggravated his illness. In the beginning of 2013 he therefore needed 17 hours of home-help service a week to ensure meals and snacks, getting outside for a while every day, help with shower and cleaning. By practicing qigong Magnus has step by step been able to improve his health. The improvement is evident for him as well as the people around him. "In the beginning of 2014 I was able to reduce the home-help service to 40 minutes a week. I still could not do the cleaning but I was in much better shape! I was able to work half time, in my office", says Magnus.

The relapse 2012 had also led to a major deterioration in fine motor skills in Magnus' hands and he lost the ability to write. If he for example, had to fill out a form someone had to do it for him. After the summer course training in Stockholm in January 2017, Magnus came home with good results - he was able to write again! We got a picture illustrating his improvement.

Magnus Barse's handwriting

"When I came home after the course, I had received a form to fill out. Now I filled it out myself. It felt so natural and so good to know it was no longer a problem! A few days later my wife took out her sewing kit. I asked her to put a blue thread through the needle's eye for me. My pullover had holes underneath the arms. I mended the pullover!", Magnus tells us.

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