The Spring Semester is in Full Swing

Now the longer courses during the winter months are completed and the spring term is in full swing with group practice and weekend courses. The next long course to look forward to is the summer course. One way to prepare for the summer course is to focus on how we can improve the quality of he training and by that improve our training results.

One important aspect of that is to have trust in the method, something that helps us to focus on the training. Another important part is to notice and be happy about the results we have got, which can help us to strengthen our motivation. It is also important to value the improvements we can achieve so we give ourselves the opportunity to strive towards them.

Another way to prepare is to sign up, already! Here comes some pictures from last year's summer course for inspiration.

1 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 483

4 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 461

6 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4701

2016 2 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 495

2016 8 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 505

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