Pictures from this years' winter course

A few weeks have passed since this year's winter course in Karlskoga. The course offered a lot of training a fine, strong qi-field. A lecture was given in connection with the course start, where we talked about how to improve our training results. An important part is to trust the method. This helps us to focus on the training. Another important factor is to notice and be happy about the results we have achieved. This strengthens our motivation. It is also important to value the improvements we are able to achieve. This allows us to strive for the results we want. This year's winter course attracted many participants, who practiced together for 6, 8 or 9 days. Several of the participants expressed their appreciation of the inclusive atmosphere and fine fellowship that is characteristic of our courses. Our next longer course is the summer course where we are given the opportunity to practice together for 9 or 18 days. While waiting for the summer course we can enjoy a few photos from the winter course in a snowy Karlskoga.

Winter course Karlskoga 2017 3

Winter course Karlskoga 2017 4

Winter course Karlskoga 2017 2

Winter course Karlskoga 2017 1

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