Calm, Helpfulness and Fellowship During the Summer Course Training in Stockholm

During Epiphany holiday participants from Sweden, Norway and Finland gathered to practice together for five days. We were many who wanted to take the chance to fill up with more qi after Christmas and New Years, just before the course started it was fully booked and more than 60 people filled the room maximally. Still there was a great calm and focused training. During the course one of our teachers talked about the importance of being able to give and accept help. Something during the courses that help us get better at that is when we correct the exercises two and two. Then we have the opportunity to help others to improve their training and also ourself to accept the same help. Several course participants took the opportunity to help out by making tea, something appreciated by the other participants. Many expressed joy over the nice fellowship during our courses, that it is nice to come to a context where you at once feel like a part of the whole.

To participate together we do not have to wait until next year’s summer course training, our weekly practice started already this week, welcome!

Here are three pictures from the summer course training when we correct the exercises.

20170106 110111

20170106 11004120170106 110026

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