Thank you for this semester!

The scent of Christmas cakes and Advent stars lighting up December darkness, soon Christmas is at the door. The weekly practice is taking a break but do not forget to practice by yourself in between the Christmas preparations. For you who have the opportunity there are two courses to participate in during the Epiphany holiday: the summer course training and the brand new EasyCare - Eyes. You who by different reasons can not participate in the courses can still join us by practicing at home during the same hours. The summer course practice is a compressed version of the summer course which offers a lot of training and a strong qi-field. A lot of practice helps us to calm down but also to become happy. While we wait for the summer course training to start we have some pictures of happy course participants from this year’s summer course. And after that it is not long until the springterm’s weekly practice kicks off again. Enjoy your practice and Happy Christmas!

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