Wonderful Autumn Course in Karis (Finland)

Stiftsgården Lärkkulla

For four days in the middle of October European Zhineng Qigong arranged the yearly Autumn Course in Finland, which brought 26 happy participants. The course offered great training, a strong Qi-field and good company, such as a cabaret. The Finnish autumn offered fresh cold weather and colourful leaves. It was new this year to have the Autumn Course held in Karis, a city located in the Finnish Nyland in between Åbo and Helsinki, on Stiftsgården Lärkkulla.

In Karis there are several buildings in functional style by the architect Hilding Ekelund and Lärkkulla is one of them. Here the folk high school activity is run by the Lärkkulla-foundation. Among other things the school has chosen to accept asylum seekers to give them the opportunity to create a social context and to connect with society by studying Finnish and Swedish. The Lärkkulla-environment with its location, atmosphere and good food was also very appreciated by the Autumn Course’s participants. Do you want to read more about the results from the Autumn Course? In that case, keep an eye open for the course report which will soon appear here on the website.

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