Yummy spreads from the summer course kitchen

The delicious spreads that the kitchen blended together for our meals were very appreciated during this year’s summer courses. One of the spreads, the pea pesto, was a winner among many and therefore we thought to share the approximate recipe here on our website:

Green peas
Roasted sunflower seeds
Salt and pepper
Rapeseed oil (pretty much)

Roliga röror på sommarkursen 2016

The kitchen is saying that the different spreads don't have an exact recipe, but that they often have a base of some leguminous plant, as chick-peas, lima beans or black beans. To that it is added several ingredients to give some taste, for an example oven baked zucchini, roasted olives or several sundried tomatoes. Herbs, garlic, pepper and salt belong to the standard ingredients, which are mixed into, and to that perhaps some oil or water to make it more spreadable and delicious.

Bon appétit!

Röror sommarkursen 2016

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