Postcard From Nossebro

After four days of intense and rewarding training, the first half of Summer Course one has passed. Participants have already been able to share their health improving results, such as retrieved joy of life after a heart surgery and shoulder pain that has disappeared. On Saturday the time came for half a day off with excursion and cabaret. For those of us who chose to join, the organised trip went this year to Västergötlands museum in Skara. Others chose to go to “the Strawberry’s day” in Vara, to café Magnolia at the outskirts of the Vara plateau or to stay in Nossebro and take it easy. Here one can find Elin’s café and Elin’s bakery where many of the participants took the opportunity to have a coffee together. Before the evening’s cabaret, there was also time to take a walk in the sun, to do some laundry or to buy some new clothes at Aina’s. The day ended with song-and music-performances at the course’s usual cabaret. In not too long it is time for Summer Course two, sign up here if you have not already done so.

Summer greetings from a sunny Nossebro wishes European Zhineng Qigong.

IMG 33622000

Training together

Elins Cafe

Elin's café

Fika på Elins Cafe

Having a fika at Elin's


Nossebro's clothing store Ainas

IMG 3219Delicious food served by the kitchen

20170701 133859Inside Västergötlands museum in Skara


A green plant at Magnolia garden

Thinking of What to Pack for the Summer Course?

Very soon the summer courses are here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced summer course participants about things that might be good to bring. If you where to forget something at home, it is not the whole world. Grocery stores and a pharmacy are within walking distance. Please note that the older 1, 2 and 5-krona and the older 100 and 500-krona are becoming invalid after June 30 due to the banknote and coin changeover. We do not have the means to handle payment with the expiring money.

You can get a copy of the list here.

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 486EZQ Sommarkursen2016 488




Kerstin - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about Kerstin who participated in the Summer Course for the first time last year, 2016. She came to the course thanks to her daughter, who participated the previous year and had very good results. This summer they both return.

I am here because I have heard so many positive things about the Summer Courses. My daughter and my cousin have both had very good results.

Kerstin and LiviaI started doing Zhineng qigong because I have an ankle that is still bothering me, 40 years after I broke it. I am stiff in every part of my body and have pain in my shoulders and back. Most of the time I feel very tired and I have a stomach problem. Moreover, I was born with a deformity of the legs in relation to the knees. During this Summer Course, I feel my ankle is improving and the left leg has been straightened out. I also feel more calm. I definitely will come back to the Summer Courses in the future. I feel that I have found a form of training that I can use for the rest of my life and keep me vital. It is wonderful to be here with my daughter and experience this together and later to be able to do some qigong together when we meet.

Livia - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about 21 year old Livia and why she returns to the summer courses year after year.

I had a knee injury that made it very difficult for me, I could barely walk, but that disappeared during my first summer course in 2015. I then also discovered that I am doing well and feel good in every way.


It is delightful to attend the Summer courses. There is a wonderful community and you socialize with people of different ages. Everybody gives a helping hand and although so many live together it works out amazingly. It’s fun to experience this a couple of weeks a year. Last year I brought my mom with me and she has, like me, had improvements. We have the same genetic defect of the legs. Because of this defect I was so injured that I could barely walk after working as a waitress in Australia.

When I started training I did not feel so good mentally, but today I feel much better. I'm very grateful.
I had been training with European Zhineng Qigong before, but it was quite another thing at the Summer course. It was there I realized that Zhineng qigong is so much more than just the movements and that this method can help me in so many ways. The mind-set, the way of thinking helps me. I have more energy, I need less sleep and I am happier.

Fredrik - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about Fredrik who came back after a ten year break.

After attending a few weekend courses I joined my first summer course in 2004. I cannot say it felt fantastic, but somewhere in my struggle there was a feeling of calm and wellbeing. Some years after the summer course my life changed and it became difficult for me to fit qigong into my daily routine. That meant I took a break from training for just over five years.


The reason I started with qigong was because I had a problem with my neck and back. These issues are completely gone as long as I do my qigong practise regularly. With the training I also feel more flexible and stronger but above all more calm and harmonious. When I stopped training the problems came back. I now do my exercises more on a regular basis again and I immediately feel better.

I think the summer courses are a great way to start your vacation. There is no better way to unwind and recharge. In a couple of days I become relaxed to a level which otherwise takes over a week. Another effect I notice is that my grass allergy disappears. Before the summer course I need medication, but after a few days at the summer course I can stop taking the medicine without any symptoms. There is also a great sense of community and atmosphere at the courses.

Marlene - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about Marlene Lilja who soon will be attending her 20th summer course. Why is she coming back year after year?

I actually did not start training right away for my own sake. I participated because of the Asthma and Allergy project which I was a part of organising in 1997. But I then stayed on and in 1998 I attended my first summer course and have since then participated every summer except one.


Qigong is like a good friend as you age. It keeps your body supple and flexible as well as keeping the arthritis under control. I am sure I would have more problems if I had not practised qigong. I had an MRI on my knees many years ago and it was found that I had arthritis. I have been in a lot of pain because of it, but not today. So, for me practising qigong is investing in my health. And even more so an investment in a calmer mind. Nowadays I am as cool as a cucumber, compared to the days before I started practising qigong.

During summer course you detach from your every day life and you are allowed to rest from the upsetting daily news flow from the papers and other media. There is such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere throughout the summer courses. It is also a joy to meet all the people I have got to know, many keep coming back just like me. For me, there will be no real summer if I have not been to the summer course.

Read About Magnus' Latest Training Results

By practicing qigong you can improve your physical and mental health. However, the health-enhancing results are not the same for everyone, they show in many different ways. It depends on the individual's own physical and mental point of departure. The training results therefore differ from one person to another. The people practicing with us have all kinds of health issues, physical as well as mental. What is a perfectly normal physical or mental status for one person, can be the turning point to a better life for someone else. Magnus is one example. Magnus has multiple sclerosis, MS, and after this year's summer course training in Stockholm, he was able to write again.

IMG 3729

In the autumn of 2012, Magnus had a relapse that aggravated his illness. In the beginning of 2013 he therefore needed 17 hours of home-help service a week to ensure meals and snacks, getting outside for a while every day, help with shower and cleaning. By practicing qigong Magnus has step by step been able to improve his health. The improvement is evident for him as well as the people around him. "In the beginning of 2014 I was able to reduce the home-help service to 40 minutes a week. I still could not do the cleaning but I was in much better shape! I was able to work half time, in my office", says Magnus.

The relapse 2012 had also led to a major deterioration in fine motor skills in Magnus' hands and he lost the ability to write. If he for example, had to fill out a form someone had to do it for him. After the summer course training in Stockholm in January 2017, Magnus came home with good results - he was able to write again! We got a picture illustrating his improvement.

Magnus Barse's handwriting

"When I came home after the course, I had received a form to fill out. Now I filled it out myself. It felt so natural and so good to know it was no longer a problem! A few days later my wife took out her sewing kit. I asked her to put a blue thread through the needle's eye for me. My pullover had holes underneath the arms. I mended the pullover!", Magnus tells us.

The Spring Semester is in Full Swing

Now the longer courses during the winter months are completed and the spring term is in full swing with group practice and weekend courses. The next long course to look forward to is the summer course. One way to prepare for the summer course is to focus on how we can improve the quality of he training and by that improve our training results.

One important aspect of that is to have trust in the method, something that helps us to focus on the training. Another important part is to notice and be happy about the results we have got, which can help us to strengthen our motivation. It is also important to value the improvements we can achieve so we give ourselves the opportunity to strive towards them.

Another way to prepare is to sign up, already! Here comes some pictures from last year's summer course for inspiration.

1 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 483

4 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 461

6 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4701

2016 2 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 495

2016 8 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 505

Thinking of What to Pack for the Winter Course?

Very soon the Winter Courses is here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced summer course participants about things that might be good to bring.

You can get a copy of the list here.

Calm, Helpfulness and Fellowship During the Summer Course Training in Stockholm

During Epiphany holiday participants from Sweden, Norway and Finland gathered to practice together for five days. We were many who wanted to take the chance to fill up with more qi after Christmas and New Years, just before the course started it was fully booked and more than 60 people filled the room maximally. Still there was a great calm and focused training. During the course one of our teachers talked about the importance of being able to give and accept help. Something during the courses that help us get better at that is when we correct the exercises two and two. Then we have the opportunity to help others to improve their training and also ourself to accept the same help. Several course participants took the opportunity to help out by making tea, something appreciated by the other participants. Many expressed joy over the nice fellowship during our courses, that it is nice to come to a context where you at once feel like a part of the whole.

To participate together we do not have to wait until next year’s summer course training, our weekly practice started already this week, welcome!

Here are three pictures from the summer course training when we correct the exercises.

20170106 110111

20170106 11004120170106 110026

Thank you for this semester!

The scent of Christmas cakes and Advent stars lighting up December darkness, soon Christmas is at the door. The weekly practice is taking a break but do not forget to practice by yourself in between the Christmas preparations. For you who have the opportunity there are two courses to participate in during the Epiphany holiday: the summer course training and the brand new EasyCare - Eyes. You who by different reasons can not participate in the courses can still join us by practicing at home during the same hours. The summer course practice is a compressed version of the summer course which offers a lot of training and a strong qi-field. A lot of practice helps us to calm down but also to become happy. While we wait for the summer course training to start we have some pictures of happy course participants from this year’s summer course. And after that it is not long until the springterm’s weekly practice kicks off again. Enjoy your practice and Happy Christmas!

2 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4954 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4611 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 483

5 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4666 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4707 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4768 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 4779 EZQ Sommarkursen2016 472

Wonderful Autumn Course in Karis (Finland)

Stiftsgården Lärkkulla

For four days in the middle of October European Zhineng Qigong arranged the yearly Autumn Course in Finland, which brought 26 happy participants. The course offered great training, a strong Qi-field and good company, such as a cabaret. The Finnish autumn offered fresh cold weather and colourful leaves. It was new this year to have the Autumn Course held in Karis, a city located in the Finnish Nyland in between Åbo and Helsinki, on Stiftsgården Lärkkulla.

In Karis there are several buildings in functional style by the architect Hilding Ekelund and Lärkkulla is one of them. Here the folk high school activity is run by the Lärkkulla-foundation. Among other things the school has chosen to accept asylum seekers to give them the opportunity to create a social context and to connect with society by studying Finnish and Swedish. The Lärkkulla-environment with its location, atmosphere and good food was also very appreciated by the Autumn Course’s participants. Do you want to read more about the results from the Autumn Course? In that case, keep an eye open for the course report which will soon appear here on the website.

Personally decorated shoes during this year's Summer course

The training shoes we often use have got many advantages, the fact that they look exactly the same are not one of them. Mostly it doesn't matter, but during the longer courses there could be hundreds of pairs. It could then be a bit difficult to keep track of your shoes. To keep theirs from others several participants have put a personal mark on them, for an example an embroidery. We would love to see more, and there is probably many who want inspiration! Have you, or one of your training-friends, got a pair of adorned shoes? Send a picture to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will publish it here on the website. Here is what some of the shoes during this year's Summer course looked like:

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 492

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 491

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 490

The Autumn Term Has Started!

LYQ Goteborg 13 14 Augusti 2016 2 700px

The 13-14 of August the autumn term started with a beginners course in Hold qi up in Gothenburg. The atmosphere was great during the breaks in the training hall at Valhalla. The beginners kept up good with the exercises! This weekend Stockholm followed up with a course in Shenxin qigong, and so did Bergen with Hold qi up.

Now that the autumn term has started there are many possibilites for new particiapants. In Sweden there is, during September, many beginners courses in Hold qi up, in Kalmar, Stockholm and Lidköping. In Finland there is three courses and in Norway there is four. Read more about our courses here.

Yummy spreads from the summer course kitchen

The delicious spreads that the kitchen blended together for our meals were very appreciated during this year’s summer courses. One of the spreads, the pea pesto, was a winner among many and therefore we thought to share the approximate recipe here on our website:

Green peas
Roasted sunflower seeds
Salt and pepper
Rapeseed oil (pretty much)

Roliga röror på sommarkursen 2016

The kitchen is saying that the different spreads don't have an exact recipe, but that they often have a base of some leguminous plant, as chick-peas, lima beans or black beans. To that it is added several ingredients to give some taste, for an example oven baked zucchini, roasted olives or several sundried tomatoes. Herbs, garlic, pepper and salt belong to the standard ingredients, which are mixed into, and to that perhaps some oil or water to make it more spreadable and delicious.

Bon appétit!

Röror sommarkursen 2016

Photo Greetings from the Summer Courses in Nossebro!

This year's summer courses offered a lot of training and many nice moments together. Below we have put together some photos, which we hope will give a nice summer feeling both for you who had the opportunity to participate, but also for you who did not. We would also like to remind you that the Autumn semester soon kicks off - it offers lots of opportunities to meet and train together! Take a peek at our website to see our range of courses during the Autumn. And for those who have missed the training that the summer courses offer, there will be a new opportunity this winter, we have organized summer-course training in the first week of the new year.

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 Conversations in the sunConversations in the sun

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 508 Wild strawberries outside of the dining hallWild strawberries outside dining hall

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 Practicing before the cabaretPracticing before the cabaret

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 484 Evening snackEvening snack

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 462 >Nice conversations – many participants really enjoyed the atmosphere on the summer courses this year

Nice conversations – many participants really enjoyed the atmosphere on the summer courses this year

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 500 Roses on the way to the training hall

Roses on the way to the training hall

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 506 Lunch in the sunLunch in the sun

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 505 Some help with the children is always welcome

Some help with the children is always welcome

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 502 On the way to the training hallOn the way to the training hall

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 485 Resting in the grassResting on the grass

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 504 A little help with the trip homeA little help with the trip home

Thinking of what to pack for the summer course?

Very soon the summer courses is here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced summer course participants about things that might be good to bring. I you where toforget something at home, it is not the whole world. Grocery stores and a pharmacy are within walking distance.

You can get a copy of the list here.

Lorna - Why I come back to the summer course year after year

lornaI did a weekend course in March, 2007, and I was so impressed by the practice. I liked it so much, that on that weekend, I decided that I wanted to know more about it. To take it very seriously. And so I very quickly signed up. I knew one person, but I would have come anyway. Because everyone is incredibly friendly, welcoming and helpful.

I keep coming back because it benefits me hugely, it boosts my energy, it helps my health, and I love the experience. And I find mr Su's teachings inspiring.

Before I started practising Qi Gong, I had problems with my left knee. I think I’m rather prone to arthristic aches and pain, when I am the age I am, so I think it probably keeps me very supple, and keeps that kind of condition at bay. And that feels very good.

My sleep is good with Qi Gong. I had poor sleep before I started training. And that was actually an immediate effect of my first weekend course, that I began to sleep incredibly well.

The summer courses is approaching - see how we had it last year

The summer courses is fast approaching, do not forget to register for this year's event qigong. Here is a collage of Tidbits from last year's summer.

Collage - the summer course is approaching

Tove - Why I come back to the summer course year after year

I attended my first summer course in 2013 after being recommended it by my colleagues. I thought it must be something very special if she, my colleague, has joined it for 8 consecutive years. Before going I read a lot on the web site. I read about Magnus, Pär and Ellen and when I got to meet them in real life I was immediately convinced that EZQ was good for me.

ToveI felt supple and more flexible, I suffered less from neurological pains and it did me good. I like the unique combination of disciplined training in an encouraging ambiance. You strive for the correct position of your body, you do your very best. There is such a nice ambiance here, warmth and consideration and people care. I am convinced that practising Zhineng Qigong gives me a better health. Training improves life quality, not only physically but mentally as well.

Tove was afflicted by Borrelia Neuroborrelios (Lyme disease in the neural system) on October 31 2012. The following summer, 2013, she took her first summer course, as a complete novice, without having learned the method during a weekend course, which is normally done. Since the first summer course, Tove has been training regularly once a week in a group with others and returns to summer courses every year.

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