The summer courses in popular Nossebro

Now you can register for our 9-day summer courses - our largest and most valued courses. Nowadays, the only courses our main teacher Su Dongyue yourself leads. To get the benefit of his knowledge and experience in nine or 18 days is a great opportunity, whether you train to become healthy or to develop your gong fu. The qifield we practise and stay in is strong and gets stronger and finer every year.Summer Course 2016

We have arranged summer courses every year since 1995. For the eighth year in a row, we will now be in Nossebro, to the delight of many who really enjoy both the school where we stay and the town itself. Step one, Hold Qi up, starts on the afternoon of Monday June 27th and ends on Wednesday, July 6th. In step two, we learn Xing Shen Zhuang, the course begins on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 6th and ends on Friday, July 15th.

Do as many many others - come to Nossebro this summer. Give yourself and your life that gift.

Registration can be done here:

Summer course one

Summer course two


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