Winter Training Course will be a recurring course!

This autumn we, for the first time, held a course called "winter training course". The course is aimed exclusively at winter course participants, that is those who have attended a winter course. In this course we mainly focus on the exercise Shenxin Qigong

The course was arranged in Stockholm and it was therefore natural that many of the participants were from the city, but there was also some “qigongers” from other cities and places. Everyone appreciated that we could immediately start practicing and that the training was varied and intense during the course. Read more about the participants' experiences in the course report.

This new course fills a void for those who like to practice shenxin qigong with a group and will therefore be held every autumn in the future. You no longer need to wait until next winter course to get this type of training. The course will alternately be held in Stockholm or Gothenburg, ie every two years in each location. To get a spread and balance of where we arrange our courses, the winter training course in shenxin qigong will be held in Stockholm when the training course in Xing Shen Zhuang is held in Gothenburg and vice versa the year thereafter.

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