Good news for those who like Shenxin Qigong

Many people enjoy the Winter Course when they get the chance to practise a lot of Shenxin Qigong. However, one must wait fifty-one weeks for the next winter course when the previous one is over. You need to wait no more! We have introduced an exciting new offer for those who want to practise more Shenxin Qigong and who have previously joined the Winter Course.

The first weekend in November, from Friday noon to Sunday afternoon, we have a new course in Stockholm, which we call "Winter Course Training". We have room for a full 20 hours of practice in these two and a half days. All participants must have previously joined the Winter Course, so we can right from the first hour start practising on the winter course level!

To practise that much Shenxin Qigong in our strong qi field is a good chance to improve your health and increase your gong fu. A bonus is that you will be meeting your qigong friends. A fun and enjoyable weekend in other words.
We look forward to a great weekend of practice and to meet you!

Sign up by filling in the online registration here.

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