The Winter Course 2016

The time has come to plan in week number eight next year for the Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong. The Winter Course is packed with training and good company all wrapped up in a lovely setting. Shenxin Qigong is a good method that we especially recommend to practice during the dark and cold winter. The training can make our qi go deeper, improve our circulation fast and give us more energy – which is good as many feel tired during the darker time of the year.
To attend the bulk part of the course you must first have learned the exercise. Therefore we start off with a basic course that starts during the weekend of week 7, so that even beginners of Shenxin Qigong can attend the Winter Course. The last day of the Winter Course, Sunday of week 8, we will practice Xing Shen Zhuang. To be able to participate on the last day you must first have joined summer course two where we learn the exercise.

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About the venue

The course takes place at Karlskoga folkhögskola, which is situated a couple of km outside Karlskoga on the way to Degerfors. There are good connections from Stockholm and Gothenburg as well as from Oslo.
At the school we can stay in single- or double rooms. The rooms are standard hostels with a private bathroom and there are cover and pillows in the rooms. If you wish you can rent sheets and towels. There’s also a cheaper accommodation at a matrass in a classroom. The school provides a matrass and you bring your own cover/sleeping bag and pillow. You can rent sheets and towels if you want to. Toilets are in the corridors and showers in the gym hall changing rooms.
The school has a big and nice dining hall with a view over the lake Möckeln and there we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you want something to eat in the evening we have access to small kitchenettes with refrigerators.

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Sign up

It’s already possible to sign up for the winter course at our homepage. When that’s done you get a welcome letter with information on how to book food and accommodation. If you want a single room you better book as early as possible as the number of single rooms are limited. In the dormitories there’s always a lot of room. Note that the prices on our homepage just include the training. Payment for food and accommodation should be done separately to Karlskoga folkhögskola. More information about this, and other important information, you can find in the welcome letter.

The winter course is a popular course with a lot of participants. But there’s room for more people! So if you want a heart filled with qi and laughter during this winter – book week 8 now!

You can register for the Winter course here.

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