Free from years of burnout in five days

 – I found myself dining with many people in the dining hall – without any problem. At home I have not even been able to sit at the dinner table with my own family.

This is a quote from Hege, one of the participants who have had good results in this year’s summer course.

A few days ago we wrote about positive effects that some of the participants in this year’s summer courses have had. Today we have published a personal story about Hege, who for many years has suffered from ME, an incurable neurological disease that is also called chronic fatigue syndrome. After just a few days in the summer course, she noticed huge improvements both physically and mentally.

When Hege came to the course, she was so dizzy she could hardly stand. When she did the exercises, she would sway. Now she can stand firmly and do all the exercises.

– My head became clear, and I was able to concentrate. Concerns were minor. My body was calmer, softer, and the pain subsided.

In the sleeping hall, together with many other participants, she could finally sleep at night, after years of sleeplessness.

– I thought that was impossible.

Read Hege’s personal story here.

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