Positive things happening during the summer courses

This year’s summer courses are under way. Currently 150 people are enjoying practising together in Nossebro. And the effects are already showing. We owe the good results to our strong qi-field, which we have built up together for over 20 years under the guidance of our main teacher, Su Dongyue.

As an example we have published three new personal stories today describing the positive effects that three of our participants saw after only a few days training.

Livia 250Read about Kari, who took a fall during a walk in the woods on Midsummer and hurt her arm. Already after half a day of practising, her arm had significantly improved.

You can also read about Barbro, who has had severe pain in her leg. During the course’s fifth day she could kneel down for the first time in a year and a half.

Read about Livia, who has been pained by runner’s knees due to a incurable, hereditary problem. During the fourth day of the course she noticed that her legs have straightened and she no longer needs her insoles.

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